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Lisa has been featured in Forbes and Glamour magazine and is a regular contributor in the media where she has taken part in discussions and interviews on a wide range of topics. More recently, Lisa was chosen as one of BBC 1Xtra’s Future Figures 2022 in recognition of her work around equality, diversity and inclusion, as well as being nominated for other awards this year.


An engaging and passionate public speaker, Lisa wants to use what she has learnt over the years to not just help her thrive, but to help others thrive too.

Photo by:
Bartek Basista

As featured on


See Me, Be Me Podcast

“Decisions are made at the top tables. Therefore, those tables should be diverse.”

Lisa in conversation with Nile Henry and Blair Henry (The Blair Project) on their ‘See Me, Be Me’ podcast, talking about her journey, early influences and the importance of diverse leadership.


  • In the wake of Black Lives Matter, what questions are you asking yourself as a leader?

    I ask, because asking questions is the start of understanding. If you’re now awake to the police brutality that has long blighted Black lives in the U.S., or are sitting with the gutting realization that people of color are disproportionately dying from COVID-19, it’s long past time we started asking ourselves why...

  • The former stylist and social media entrepreneur Lisa Maynard Atem, 42, always knew she was destined to do work that made an impact. In fact, it was practically her birthright. Her father worked for the UN, her mother was a charity worker and her sister is a scientist, who works specifically in encouraging young girls to get into STEM.

    For Lisa, this meant harnessing her existing skill set as Harrods’ first-ever social media manager (she created their Instagram and got it to 1m followers) and founder of her own consultancy ‘The Social Word’ to raise awareness for causes she cared about- namely black business, black representation in business and economic equality...

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