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Lisa Maynard-Atem, a passionate campaigner and tireless advocate for black business and representation, has devoted her life to promoting social empowerment within the Black community. As one of the nine founders and former Managing Director of the Black United Representation Network CIC (BURN), Lisa has worked diligently to support economic and social development for Black individuals. She continues to contribute to this cause as a member of BURN's Board of Directors.


In addition to her work with BURN, Lisa serves as a director for The Blair Project, a pioneering social enterprise that connects urban youth with opportunities in the green tech revolution. Through hands-on experiences like building and racing electric go-karts, this initiative helps foster climate change activism and innovation among the younger generation.


In her past pursuit of driving positive change and supporting diverse business initiatives, Lisa also served as a Non-Executive Director for MBH Corporation plc. In that role, she lent her extensive experience, strategic vision, and commitment to social empowerment, helping to guide the company's growth and development. Lisa's unique insights and dedication to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion further enhanced MBH Corporation's commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices across its diverse portfolio of companies.


Before her current ventures, Lisa made her mark in the world of luxury retail, serving as the Social Media Manager for Harrods. Over her 7.5-year tenure, she successfully grew the company's social media following from 30,000 to over 2.5 million, making Harrods one of the most followed luxury department stores globally. Her exceptional work earned her an Outstanding Woman in Retail nomination.


Lisa's steadfast commitment to championing equality, diversity, and inclusion has not gone unnoticed. Her remarkable contributions in this space have earned her prestigious accolades and widespread recognition, such as being selected as one of BBC 1Xtra's Future Figures 2022. This honor acknowledges Lisa's exemplary work in advancing equality, diversity, and inclusion and highlights her as a trailblazer for positive change. In addition to this esteemed recognition, Lisa has made a significant impact in various media channels. Her insights and experiences have been featured in prominent publications like Forbes and Glamour magazine, where she has shared her expertise on the importance of diversity and inclusion in today's society. Lisa's engaging presence and thought-provoking commentary have also led to her participation in numerous discussions and interviews across a broad spectrum of media outlets.


Lisa's expertise spans a wide range of compelling topics, including diversity at the leadership level, authentic approaches to equality, diversity, and inclusion, as well as reframing our thinking and challenging societal constructs. Her presentations are not only informative but also inspiring, as she skillfully weaves her personal experiences and professional journey into her discussions, encouraging others to reflect on their own paths and embrace change. Audiences are consistently captivated by Lisa's charismatic presence, exceptional communication skills, and her ability to convey complex ideas in an accessible and relatable manner. She has a talent for making her listeners feel seen and understood while sparking stimulating conversations that encourage self-reflection, critical thinking, and personal growth. Drawing from her rich and diverse background across multiple industries, Lisa has honed her skills as a captivating and passionate public speaker. Her ability to engage audiences with her dynamic storytelling, relatable experiences, and thought-provoking insights sets her apart from other speakers. Lisa's unique perspective as a Black woman further enriches her presentations, fostering genuine connections with her listeners.


Through engaging and thought-provoking presentations, Lisa has established herself as a sought-after public speaker, leaving a lasting impact on her audiences and inspiring positive change within individuals, organisations and communities alike.

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