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Aside from social media,  I am very passionate about equality and human rights, and sit on the board of directors for BURN - The Black United Representation Network (BURN). A not-for-profit organisation in Greater Manchester formed by a coalition of nine Black businesses to tackle deep rooted racial inequalities in Greater Manchester which are negatively impacting the lives of people of African descent.


The Branding Brainstorm is a collaborative community created by industry specialists with the goal of creating a Social Media Safespace where you can learn at your own pace, judgement-free. Each coach brings their own unique experiences and perspective to the table when it comes to brand building - Lisa, our Social Media Specialist, with her extensive experience building the Harrods brand social media to a 3 million-member following globally. She will bring you the "What" and "When" to your brand with her vast knowledge of social and content strategy. Then we have Carver, our Brand + Design Specialist, who will help coach you through content creation, web design, online stores, booking and payment systems, and how to streamline your business in an aesthetic and effective way to get you paid, and your free time back to being free. From start to finish, our consultants care about you and your brand's success! So, join us, and let's work together to build the tools and skills you'll need for modern business life.

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